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Finding Comfort in Working From Home.

With so much change and unpredictability surrounding the past number of months since Covid-19, there is one thing that I can say with absolute certainty. We have all adopted a new level of appreciation and found some level of comfort through our choice of clothing during this time. Yes, you’ve guessed it! I am referring to Athleisure wear, clothing that everyone, of every age, seems to now have as a staple in their wardrobe and working from home wardrobe. And I have to say, I am loving FitPink! 

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Celebrating 1 Year of FitPink

A year ago, I was sitting in a hotel room in Dublin Airport. I was due to fly to Malta very early the next morning for a holiday (remember those?!) with my family who had travelled out before me.  Two year’s worth of work was just coming together and FitPink was ready to launch. I was sitting starting at my laptop thinking ‘Do I make the website live now’ or ‘Do I wait till I get back from the holiday?’.  Naturally I hit ‘publish’ and just like that www.fitpinkfitness.com was born! 

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Maria Rushe, The S-Mum - 'My Fablis FitPinks'

Maria Rushe, friend of FitPink - one of our 'day ones' Maria has been supporting us from very early on, and continually being a champion of FitPink. Maria is one of our Brand Ambassadors, one that we're insanely proud and grateful to have on board because she encompasses everything we stand for, and more! From showing us women that our 'Jiggly Bits' are there to be cherished, to - keeping us fit during lockdown alongside Husband Emmet (the pair run Rushe Fitness) and also just keeping us sane and entertained with her content on social media and her blog. A fitness instructor, teacher, content creator, writer, Mammy and - supporter of small businesses that she believes in - we are...

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