Don't Let Your Leggings Slip - Here's Why!

Don't Let Your Leggings Slip - Here's Why!


Don't Let Your Leggings Slip - Here's Why
Have you ever been in the middle of a workout when, all of a sudden, you experience that dreadful feeling? You know the one. That sinking sensation as you feel your leggings slipping lower and lower with every step or jump. It’s annoying, embarrassing, and uncomfortable all at once. But why does this happen? There are actually quite a few reasons why your leggings might be slipping down, and we’re here to tell you what those reasons are!

You Have Ordered the Wrong Size
Getting the right size is always key! It can be tricky because there is so much variety between ‘standard’ sizes across different brands. And realistically – no body is ‘standard’. Your leggings should fit snugly but not uncomfortably so. If there's a gap between the waistband and your skin when you try them on then they are probably too big.

Your Waistband Is Worn Out
Waistbands can become worn out over time, especially if you wear them often enough for it to happen. Excessive stretching occurs as our bodies move and expand throughout daily activities, which can loosen them up over time. This means that even if you have purchased the perfect size for yourself initially, after some time it will start to slip down more easily because of how much it has stretched out from frequent use.

You Are Not Wearing Them Properly
No matter how good quality your leggings may be, if not worn properly then they won't stay in place - end of story! The most important thing to remember is to make sure that your waistband is sitting flat against your skin without any bunching or folding happening at the top or bottom when it's being worn. This ensures that there aren't any gaps between the waistband and your skin which could cause them to slip down during movement.

As annoying as having to constantly adjust our leggings can be, understanding why they're slipping down in the first place can help us find ways around it - helping us keep our workouts uninterrupted! From ordering the correct size to making sure they're being worn properly, there are several steps we can take to ensure our leggings stay put while we work up a sweat - no matter how vigorous that workout may be! So go ahead and conquer those gym classes or runs with confidence! No more worrying about having to yank up those leggings mid-workout again!
Most good brands will have a size guide somewhere on the website, so make sure to look. For FitPink leggings, we are true to size, but if between sizes we advise to size down.
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