Why do leggings slip down?

Why do leggings slip down?
There are few things more annoying in life than having to yank up your leggings during a run or a tough gym class. That feeling of dread when you feel them slipping lower and lower with every step or jump. And the embarrassment of having to stop mid-move to adjust them AGAIN. (There is no discreet way of doing this is there?!)
There are a few reasons why your leggings are slipping down
You have ordered the wrong size
Getting the right size is the first step. It’s a little tricky, particularly when there is so much variety between ‘standard’ sizes across different brands. And realistically – no body is ‘standard’.
Your leggings should feel snug or a little tight, but not uncomfortably so.
If you can see a gap between the waistband and your skin, they are probably too big. If they are digging into your skin at the waist, then they are probably too small.
Most good brands will have a size guide somewhere on the website, so make sure to look. For FitPink leggings, we are true to size, but if between sizes we advise to size down.
The fabric of your leggings may be of poor quality
We all know there are lots of products you can buy from big chain brands that work fine for what you need them to do. Leggings are not one of these products. You get what you pay for when it comes to leggings.
For leggings that stay up and in place they should have a high percentage and quality of spandex (also known as Elastane or Lycra).
Spandex is known for its high stretch, durable and elastic properties. All FitPink leggings have a high percentage of spandex, this is why we say size down if in doubt. 
Compression fabrics are also great for ensuring an optimum fit as they wont slip down. They are heavier and tight fabric and hug your skin.
So how do you know if you have the right fit in leggings?
Perfectly fitting leggings will be snug – check the back of your knees, crotch (not too snug here!) and ankles as well as the waist area.
It can be hard to tell if your leggings will slip down until you have worn them for a run or a class but you cant return them once worn, so what to do ?
Tip: try a minute or two running on the spot or a few lunges to see if they move/slip down.
High waisted leggings are by far the most flattering style and fit on most body shapes and sizes.
They should sit on or above your navel and are less likely to slip down than their hipster cousins.
(Personally, my days of wearing any style other than medium or high waisted leggings left me when my firstborn arrived!)
If the fabric is bunching up at your knees, hips, or ankles, that usually means your leggings are too loose or too long.
You should size down or go for a 7/8 or cropped length. Leggings should feel stretched yet comfortable all across the body, like a second skin.

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