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Celebrating 1 Year of FitPink

A year ago, I was sitting in a hotel room in Dublin Airport. I was due to fly to Malta very early the next morning for a holiday (remember those?!) with my family who had travelled out before me.  Two year’s worth of work was just coming together and FitPink was ready to launch. I was sitting starting at my laptop thinking ‘Do I make the website live now’ or ‘Do I wait till I get back from the holiday?’.  Naturally I hit ‘publish’ and just like that was born! 

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FitPink Review From a Fitness Instructor

A FitPink Review From a Fitness Instructor Maria Rushe, friend of FitPink - one of our 'day ones' Maria has been supporting us from very early on, and continually being a champion of FitPink. Maria is one of our Brand Ambassadors, one that we're insanely proud and grateful to have on board because she encompasses everything we stand for, and more! From showing us women that our 'Jiggly Bits' are there to be cherished, to - keeping us fit during lockdown alongside Husband Emmet (the pair run Rushe Fitness) and also just keeping us sane and entertained with her content on social media and her blog. A fitness instructor, teacher, content creator, writer, Mammy and - supporter of small businesses...

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FitPink Fitness, As Seen on Ireland AM - Kid Friendly Fitness with Rinka

Sarah Gillespie’s Rinka classes bring an emphasis back to fun, natural playful exercise for children empowering them as they acquire basic movement and coordination skills – ‘making fitness child’s play’ as demonstrated recently on Ireland AM. Rinka’s Sarah and Sandra were fully kitted out in Fit Pink Fitness for their wonderful Irish television appearance, where Sarah provided expert advice on how to improve your child’s fitness.     Sarah discussed the benefits of Rinka, and children’s fitness generally with Alan on Ireland AM, where Sarah explained that fitness should, and can be made a normal part of a child’s life and indeed family life – through simple, playful exercise routines. The children who participate in Rinka classes, can do so...

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Best leggings for running

  It’s January, a brand-new year, and decade. Many of us have renewed/signed up to the gym or decided we’re going to work out at home. Brilliant, let’s do this, let’s make 2022 the year we get, (and stay!) active and fit. Keep our minds and bodies healthy and give ourselves some legit self-care, while helping to make ourselves look and feel good. *Okay, now let’s chant that entire sentence en-route to the gym on these cold Winter’s mornings…! A FAQ from our FitPink Fam is; What are your best leggings for running ? Good question! FitPink Fitness was created by a mum (Jenni) who was going back to running after her fourth child. Jenni bought the 'big' branded leggings...

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Reasons NOT to buy cheap leggings

 Award-winning parenting blogger Maria Rushe explains in her own unique and hilarious style, why perhaps a 'bargain' isn't really a bargain when it comes to leggings.    “Oooooooooh Lookit!” thinks Mammy in local chainstore for disposable clothing which shall remain nameless.“Look at the spacey, funky, pinkly-purply gym bottoms that are fablis and reduced! Oh my! Down to €5? What a bargain. Oh, indeed Mammy shall have to have these. Mammy is indeed still uber-cool and chic and young enough to carry these off. Mammy SHALL be fablis and fearless in Jim in these bad boys. What a bargain!”Silly Mammy.Silly Silly Mammy.Off Mammy trots to Jim, rather excited about the wearing of the rocket-fuel bottoms. Mammy is so excited in fact, that...

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