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The Best Leggings for Running - FitPink Fitness Edition

The Best Leggings for Running - FitPink Fitness Edition

It’s a brand-new year, and like many of us, you’ve already started to get fit by signing up to the gym or deciding to work out at home. One of the most frequently asked questions among our FitPink Fitness family is; what are the best leggings for running? Let’s find out!

FitPink Fitness was created when founder, Jenni, went back to running after her fourth child and purchased a pair of ‘big’ branded leggings only to be disappointed that they were not fit for purpose. With post partum figure in mind, she set out on her mission to create high quality fitness wear specifically designed with mothers in mind. Here we highlight our top picks from the FitPink Fitness range.

Our Elevate Gym Leggings is perfect for those intense HIIT sessions or long distance runs; they are lightweight yet supportive giving you complete freedom of movement while also providing good coverage that won't slip down during your run! Plus they come with pockets on each side- win win!

The Sports Legging is designed with a high waistband which offers excellent support and coverage during squats and lunges so no matter what exercise you're doing you can feel confident about your outfit choice! Additionally these leggings have power mesh panels along the leg which provide excellent breathability throughout your workout.

The Cropped Legging is designed specifically for people who tend to overheat.  They are made from super soft fabric ensuring maximum comfort throughout your workout as well as having sweat wicking properties. 

With all of this in mind it's easy to see why FitPink Fitness has become one of the leading brands for activewear designed specifically with women's figures in mind. If you're looking for an amazing pair of leggings that will keep you comfortable while running, look no further than FitPink Fitness- because feeling good starts with looking good! So go on... give yourself some well deserved self-care this New Year and invest in some top quality fitness apparel today! You won't regret it!

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