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FitPink's Ethical Supply Chain

FitPink’s Supply Chain We are committed to an ethical supply chain through building long term partnerships with our manufacturers. Our partners around the world make it possible for us to develop and create beautiful garments, merchandise, and packaging.  FitPink currently have 5 suppliers globally who we work closely with on a weekly basis. As FitPink do not own or operate any manufacturing facilities, we will not onboard a new manufacturer if they do not have a valid fully complaint third party ethical supply chain audit.  We also have a screening process that helps identify vendors that share our company values and screen out any that do not.   Emma, our Buying Lead who screens our partners. Our manufacturers all adhere...

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Our Fabulous FitPink Models

FitPink have real women who lead normal lives on a daily basis to model the look and feel of our garments.  All these women inspire us on a daily basis. All our models were customers who happened to love our product and wanted to join our tribe.   Get to know them:  Breda Canning Breda is a Personal Trainer who exercises to FEEL good not to LOOK good. Sure, exercise can improve our physical health and our physique, but that’s not what motivates her to stay active. She exercises regularly because it gives her an enormous sense of well-being. Having suffered with depression in the past, and still struggling with a great deal of anxiety today, exercise has always been a powerful medicine for all her mental health challenges....

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How FitPink Customers Help Empower Girls

FitPink are a small business with big values and believe in harnessing the power of business to improve the world in small but meaningful ways.  By being part of the FitPink story, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with girls and young women across the developing world. You are investing in people like Josephine’s futures and in their potential. “With lockdown Josephine had no access to education.  Josephine was among more than 2,000 pupils who received a multi-functional radio set which gave her access to a radio teaching programme which she credits for passing her exams.  She will now be able to move to senior secondary school.”  FitPink are working with Plan International Ireland because we too believe that the...

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