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What is International Leggings Day?

Before you say it, there is a day for everything nowadays – some matter a lot and some not so much but let’s not judge to quickly as what some may find trivial some will find meaning in.  When I 1st started my journey with FitPink I completely underestimated what leggings meant to our customers. My background was in fashion but Irish tweed so I never knew that women had so many issues with leggings.  I quickly learned that Jenni our CEO had developed the answer to those issues and that a whole community of women where behind her.  There has been a small team behind FitPink for the last 2 years, developing a brand with leggings at its core,...

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How FitPink Customers Help Empower Girls

FitPink are a small business with big values and believe in harnessing the power of business to improve the world in small but meaningful ways.  By being part of the FitPink story, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with girls and young women across the developing world. You are investing in people like Josephine’s futures and in their potential. “With lockdown Josephine had no access to education.  Josephine was among more than 2,000 pupils who received a multi-functional radio set which gave her access to a radio teaching programme which she credits for passing her exams.  She will now be able to move to senior secondary school.”  FitPink are working with Plan International Ireland because we too believe that the...

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Celebrating 1 Year of FitPink

A year ago, I was sitting in a hotel room in Dublin Airport. I was due to fly to Malta very early the next morning for a holiday (remember those?!) with my family who had travelled out before me.  Two year’s worth of work was just coming together and FitPink was ready to launch. I was sitting starting at my laptop thinking ‘Do I make the website live now’ or ‘Do I wait till I get back from the holiday?’.  Naturally I hit ‘publish’ and just like that was born! 

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