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Why do leggings slip down?

Why do leggings slip down? There are few things more annoying in life than having to yank up your leggings during a run or a tough gym class. That feeling of dread when you feel them slipping lower and lower with every step or jump. And the embarrassment of having to stop mid-move to adjust them AGAIN. (There is no discreet way of doing this is there?!) There are a few reasons why your leggings are slipping down You have ordered the wrong size Getting the right size is the first step. It’s a little tricky, particularly when there is so much variety between ‘standard’ sizes across different brands. And realistically – no body is ‘standard’. Your leggings should feel...

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Best leggings for running

  It’s January, a brand-new year, and decade. Many of us have renewed/signed up to the gym or decided we’re going to work out at home. Brilliant, let’s do this, let’s make 2022 the year we get, (and stay!) active and fit. Keep our minds and bodies healthy and give ourselves some legit self-care, while helping to make ourselves look and feel good. *Okay, now let’s chant that entire sentence en-route to the gym on these cold Winter’s mornings…! A FAQ from our FitPink Fam is; What are your best leggings for running ? Good question! FitPink Fitness was created by a mum (Jenni) who was going back to running after her fourth child. Jenni bought the 'big' branded leggings...

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