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Don't Let Your Leggings Slip - Here's Why!

  Don't Let Your Leggings Slip - Here's WhyHave you ever been in the middle of a workout when, all of a sudden, you experience that dreadful feeling? You know the one. That sinking sensation as you feel your leggings slipping lower and lower with every step or jump. It’s annoying, embarrassing, and uncomfortable all at once. But why does this happen? There are actually quite a few reasons why your leggings might be slipping down, and we’re here to tell you what those reasons are! You Have Ordered the Wrong SizeGetting the right size is always key! It can be tricky because there is so much variety between ‘standard’ sizes across different brands. And realistically – no body is...

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The Best Leggings for Running - FitPink Fitness Edition

The Best Leggings for Running - FitPink Fitness EditionIt’s a brand-new year, and like many of us, you’ve already started to get fit by signing up to the gym or deciding to work out at home. One of the most frequently asked questions among our FitPink Fitness family is; what are the best leggings for running? Let’s find out!FitPink Fitness was created when founder, Jenni, went back to running after her fourth child and purchased a pair of ‘big’ branded leggings only to be disappointed that they were not fit for purpose. With post partum figure in mind, she set out on her mission to create high quality fitness wear specifically designed with mothers in mind. Here we highlight our...

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