Finding your perfect pair of leggings to suit your fitness routine and level, with Fit Pink Fitness.

It’s January, a brand-new year, and decade. Many of us have renewed/signed up to the gym or decided we’re going to work out at home. Brilliant, let’s do this, let’s make 2020 the year we get, (and stay!) active and fit. Keep our minds and bodies healthy and give ourselves some legit self-care, while helping to make ourselves look and feel good. *Okay, now let’s chant that entire sentence en-route to the gym on these cold Winter’s mornings…! A FAQ from our Fit Pink Fam is; Which type of leggings should I wear/buy?


Good question! Fit Pink Fitness has been created to facilitate your individual exercise needs and make exercise a comfortable, confidence-boosting, practical (and pretty!) experience, let’s break it down:


“Who run(s) the world? Fit Pink Girls.” (and, Beyonce!) Being runners ourselves, we knew that the ‘stay-put’ factor was key to any long or short distance run. Whether on the treadmill or hitting the roads for a couch to 5k or weekend ParkRun, it’s crucial that our leggings stay-up! We also felt that if we left the car to go running, pockets would be handy for our keys, phone and lip balm and so for running we recommend our Sports leggings with deep side pockets. They offer medium support around the mid-section, are non-transparent, sweat proof, high waisted and lightweight. You’re able to focus on beating your PB or getting an extra K in, with no need to worry about your choice of gear!



FitPink Sports leggings


Post-Partum Fitness

Post-partum fitness is something we’ve also had experience with (four times!) a very special - and of course, challenging and often, vulnerable time in our lives, where we need fitness to be safe, comfy and achievable. We recommend our Ribbed, Seamless leggings for your foray into post-partum fitness, for example for your Pilates or dedicated post partum physio based work outs. At this time in our lives, our bodies need a lot of care and consideration and so ample mid-section support is key, and these are perfect in that they are high-waisted, strong and of nice stretchy quality, for maximum support during pelvic health exercises with a flattering fit that inspires confidence while you train.


 FitPink Ribbed Seamless Leggings


HITT & Weight Training

For training with that extra burst of intensity, interval training, circuits and weightlifting – we understand that breathability and comfort are a priority as things heat up verrrry quickly! This training generally means a trip to the gym or to your PT, and again it’s nice to be able to take your keys and phone along; our Best Mesh leggings are perfect for gym-based fitness, they allow you to cool down when things heat up, with their subtle mesh panels, have handy net pockets, and sport a high waist too, as well as being double S proof (Squat and Sweat!) and if we do say so, they’re pretty slick and stylish for the old gym-mirror-selfie, for those of us who dare!



We hope this helps you find the leggings you need for your January work outs.

Remember, we’ll never feel bad after a work-out, so forget dreading it and let’s motivate one another to be our best selves. It’s not all about looking good, we need to feel good too. And in a world where we are scrolling more than strolling, it’s good to get a dose of movement for our minds as well as our bodies! (speaking of scrolling find us on social media @fitpinkfitness, haha!)

Keep Fit, Fam!

Team Fit Pink Fitness. xo